Individuals of Indian origin who can realize n visualize the value n worth of this initiative can support The Program by Registering with Us as a Supporter.
Supporters are placed high on the value chain and will receive/ get access to trial versions of Our proposed Products n Services. 
We are developing an online portal to collect, curate and share information on Indian Homes. Supporters are a source of motivation n inspiration to face the himalayan task of aggregating and organizing all information n resources relating to Indian Home Design n Construction.
All Supporters automatically become a member of The Portal ' '
Building Design and Construction professionals, Home entusiasts n Home aspirants will be most benefitted with this Portal. Views, observations, opinions, suggestions and feedback will be seriously considered in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of The Portal and the concept or core idea.
Improving the energy efficiency and self-sufficiency of Individual Homes in India is a complex task, considering socio-cultural, linguistic, technological and economical diversity. Though We don't make tall claims and don't foresee revolutionary change immediately, We are determined to progress steadily and aggressively towards Our Goal. We are committed to a systematic and customer centric approach with a social perspective.
* First 500 supporters from each district will be lifetime members of Our proposed portal. Lifetime supporter members are entitled to maximum discounts n benefits in all Our future Products n Services.