How It Works

1. Students Register n participate in a variety of Contests, as part of eAudition, to screen contestants under various categories for training.
2. Freshers and students selected through contests register n participate in the Training with focus on specific tasks to enhance quality and efficiency.
3. Mentors Register and participate in the contests n training to guide the contestants regarding theoretical, practical and functional aspects of design, planning and construction of Indian Homes.
4. Students score points based on their performance n contribution, as mentioned in the points chart. Top scoring contestants will be offered prizes as mentioned in the 'Prizes n Promotions' page.
5. Successfully trained candidates will be offered tasks, based on their proficiency in specific tasks, as part of Outsourcnig.  
6. The content generated at various stages of the program will be evaluated, indexed and stored online.
7. Each participant engages with the online system in the area of His/Her interest or expertise w.r.t. Indian Home Design n Construction.
8. The single line sketches generated initially will undergo progressive stages of virtual model creation to be finally developed as a parametric Building Information model.
9. Limited samples of the content generated will be made available for public rating and will be ranked based on public consumption.
10. The curated content will be made available to the common man at an affordable cost through the proposed portal.