ASIGHN is an initiative to facilitate the research and developement of innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient products, services, designs and processes related to Indian Home. The program intends to stimulate creativity, intellect and social commitment among students and freshers. It is a long term Program with an aim to train and provide e-jobs to maximum number of students and freshers in Architecture, Civil engineering and Building Industry with focus on Design, Construction, Maintenance and Management of Indian House or Home.

ASIGHN provides an localised online environment to compete, collaborate and co-create efficient Indian Home Designs for construction of Smart Homes using green technologies including internet, networking and crowd-sourcing technologies. ASIGHN encourages participants/ Future Professionals to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of construction, maintenance and management of Indian Homes.

India's cultural diversity demands location-based or localized designs and solutions. The scope for improvement and benefits of technology is immense. We expect to grow this program with increased participation / representation and draw maximum number of participants for the benefit of the Common Man.


Online Audition is formulated to screen and select students and freshers to weigh their technical, logical, creative, reasoning, problem solving and other skills with regard to geo-specific Home Designs by conducting a series of contests and competitions. Winners get discounts in training fee.


Online Training is proposed to briefly instruct the Participants regarding design and construction of Indian Home. On successful completion of the Training, participants will be awarded Certificates and Prizes. Winners get special privileges in Outsourcing.


This final Stage will offer or outsource e-jobs related to Indian Home Design and Construction to eligible candidates trained by Us and create a network of multidisciplinary construction professionals equipped with industry knowledge and willing to serve the society and country.

Live Project Environment – Exposure to latest design trends
Opportunity to earn approx. 5000/month or 50000/year
Access to industry specific Info & Data