About Us

Who We Are
We are a tiny semi-virtual start up company based at Coimbatore with a team of engineers and professionals collaborating remotely towards Our Goal of creating 555 virtual parametric Building Information Models of Indian Homes.

Founder Director: Er. Arun Kumar Gandhi BE Civil, 42 Yrs, Coimbatore.

What We Think
With rapid developement in the IT and mobile technologies, the needs of the end user is 
changing constantly which is fuelling application of technology in every aspet of family, business and society at large. We think there is enoromous scope to improvve the energy efficiency of Indian Homes.

What We Believe
The first step towards 'Green Homes' is to evaluate the energy efficiency and 
performance of the Home or building for a given location considering local traditional preferences and practices. We believe that every community will benefit by adhering to good design and maintenance practices. Sharing best practices among a similar set of people and evaluating it will help eliminate redundant practices. Technology can enable Us to build smarter, energy efficient, ultra-deisgner buildings that have low operational costs.

What We Do
We aggregate Indian Home Design and Construction Information by suitably enagaging 
various segments of the people in various activities which are location specific and logically sensitive. We propose to conduct a series of Online Contests and Online Training programs in a systematic and phased manner to generate content while simultaneoulsly screening students for various online tasks. The selected candidates undergo training so that they are capable of handling discreet tasks indepenedently and efficiently. Successfully trained candidates will be offered online jobs as part of Outsourcing.

An online Portal, a platform for Home enthusiasts, is under construction and will be open by June 2018. 

How We Do
We employ a 'Virtual Assembly Line' model to design and develope virtual Building 
Information Models of Indian Homes. The various tasks at different stages of the Virtual-assembly-line will be outsourced to successfully trained candidates. The content so generated at various stages of the program will be curated in-house, rated publicly, evaluated by professionals and judged by senior professionals. The final content will be made available to the commom man at an afforadable cost..

Contact Details

Vd AddAbc Consulting Pvt Ltd (OPC),
PB # 01, SULUR,
COIMBATORE - 641401 T.N,
Email: info@homedesigncontest.in